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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME diary, part 2

This is a continuation of my first blog post (multi-entry) about my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia/ME pain/weakness condition, which started two years ago. Figured I'd start a new blog post entry instead of continuing to add a bunch to the long first one.  

March 25, 2017: Alcohol, Hyper-Sensitivity, Gradual vs sudden onset thoughts 

Hunger/alcohol: Haven't had any taste for alcohol/beer for long time. Too much malaise to have much of a hunger for anything generally. Generally feel the malaise of when you have a cold and nothing tastes good. Alcohol/beer generally tastes very bad. Going on 10 day boat vacation recently, it was very depressing that I couldn't even enjoy having drinks, and really barely enjoyed the food. Just sat around on the boat, reading. I did have a few drinks (mostly the fruity ones; those are more palatable) and I still do drink occasionally, but it is more out of a habit and desire for normalcy and for social reasons than enjoyment.

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Computer-simulated worlds as tools for producing exceptional people 

What if we were living in a computer simulation created with the purpose of producing people with specific abilities?

A complex world-simulation would inevitably produce consciousnesses that had specialized gifts and abilities. A simulated world (or many of them) would inevitably produce geniuses of various sorts; scientific geniuses, musical geniuses, very empathetic people, people well-suited to interstellar travel, etc. 

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Trump's divisive post-election speeches, December 2016

I went through one of Trump's recent post-election speeches to find the most divisive statements he made.

Keep in mind that Trump is quite mild in these speeches, compared to his pre-election speeches. Now that he's already won, this is him at his most gentle and presidential. If you went back and did this same parsing of his pre-election speeches, you would find a greater quantity of divisive statements. 

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Examining public anger and certainty in the Brock Turner case and sentencing

This article is about the public reaction to and perception of the Brock Turner sexual assault case and sentencing.

I will say upfront that this piece is not meant to be a defense of Brock Turner. I believe it’s probable that Turner did several immoral and criminal things on the night in question. My point with this article is to merely question the certainty and the anger that many people had about the case and sentencing. Because this piece is about perceptions and opinions, and not the case itself, I believe that these points will hold up well regardless of details that come out about the case later (for instance, when the court transcript is made public).

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My mysterious muscle pain and weakness

7/1/16: Thoughts on condition; Synopsis of onset

This is a post about some recent health issues I’ve been having. I currently suspect I have CIDP: chronic inflammatory demyelinating neuropathy. I am not certain of this, but I am confident. [update: I now believe I have an illness that is in the Chronic Fatigue/ME/Fibromyalgia class of conditions] CIDP fits all my symptoms (including some unusual ones, like pain caused by applying pressure on the body). And it is also known for being hard to diagnose; this fits all the common medical tests I’ve had thus far being normal. And it’s known for being rare and fairly unknown: this helps explains why no doctors have brought it up as a possibility to me. I am seeing a neurologist next week, so hopefully I’ll get some more answers soon. 

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