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Dream/nightmare-enjoyment survey


I’ve always enjoyed almost all of my dreams, even the scary/disturbing content ones, and I’ve always wondered if that was common or if it was something aberrant. 

That led to me posting this Twitter poll, where I asked “Do you generally enjoy all of your dreams, even the scary ones?” That got 204 responses, and the results were pretty much 50/50. 

That result was interesting to me. so I decided to set up a survey to get more details. My vague thought was maybe there was something correlated to such a 50/50 split in the population (like gender, or political affiliation, or age), and I thought it was possible a simple poll might show something interesting. 

As of writing this, the poll has gotten 87 responses: not a lot. And only 29% of those responders were female. Also, interestingly, there were only 8 under 30 who completed the poll; presumably because my follower demographic skews older. 

Still, there were a few potentially interesting things: 

  • A higher percentage of females reported very good dream memory (24% of females vs 11% of males).
  • A higher percentage of males were “nightmare-enjoyers” (46.8% of males vs 36% of females). 

Besides it being a small survey, it was also completed mainly by Twitter users, so that could skew the results (i.e., follower demographics, interests). But still, I thought it was interesting enough to post, and I thought maybe it would inspire someone else to do a larger study. 

You can take the survey here:


Results (as of July 4, 2018)

87 responses (62 male, 25 female)


Enjoy almost all dreams, even nightmares? 

No: 49 (33 male, 16 female) 

Yes: 38 (29 male, 9 female)


Dream memory? 

Very good: 13 (7 male, 6 female) (8 nightmare enjoyers) 

Decent: 47 (32 male, 15 female) (18 nightmare enjoyers) 

Poor: 27 (23 male, 4 female) (12 nightmare enjoyers)


Do you often, upon waking, attempt to return to dreams, even scary-content dreams? 

Yes: 47 (28 nightmare-enjoyers) (35 male, 12 female)

No: 40 (10 nightmare-enjoyers) (27 male, 13 female)


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